Why bootdev — Caching (2)

Originally posted on Keith Yau:

Last time we talked about the 3 level of cache in Drupal + AWS.

This time we go down to more details of APC (Alternative PHP Cache). There are kinds of code level cache (OPcache) for php. Most common are OPCache (default PHP5.5), Xcache, APC. Mostly Drupal sites use APC.

There is also a Drupal APC module , in most case, that is not necessary to be installed. Unless you want to share some Drupal Cache table into APC. For bootdev, we don’t do this. Cache tables should be in a standalone cache instead of the web server, so that, while scale up servers, metadata can share across servers. So your system is ready for horizontal scaling.

You can simply install APC with pecl, the package manager of PHP

pecl install apc

Here I share the APC configure for EC2 m3.large machine which is 7.5GB memory

; configuration for php…

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