Role of Bitbucket? Role of Chef? How they important in the BootDev

What is BootDev doing? Deploy a best practice of backend architecture automatically to your AWS account with privacy and scalability. So the two majority of the technically features is 1) Auto Deployment on AWS, 2) Best Practice of backend architecture. In this article, let’s discuss how the auto deployment is workable.

BootDev’s server infrastructure is very complicated, lots of AWS instances you need to manage. But why we can make it simple by a few click? Bitbucket and Chef are the most important parts in here.


For our idea, we use Bitbucket to manage the repository. One of the features is that we programmed the logic to do the Cloud infrastructure installation. The AWS instances will be setup consequently.

The follow diagram is simple explanation of how Bitbucket working in the BootDev development
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 17.36.35Bitbucket is doing the code management and proceed in repository. Developers can sync the deployment script with cloud servers. When new issue / feature come, create a new branch, then push to server.  The repository will be merged when deploy to production.

For the part of Chef, the Chef server is setup through the Cloudformation command.

無標題繪圖 (2)

And Chef Server will clone BootCloud repo from BitBucket. A Chef cookbook in bootcloud(deploycode) contains the Drupal stuffs and during the cookbook is ran on chef Client, the DruCloud will be deployed to chef client.

This is the simple explanation on what Chef is doing. Actually, Chef is not doing the deployment only. Sometimes when BootDev have a update, we will send the details to the Chef server and every user can get the support by the Chef Client and make the operation have the latest support.

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