How to choose CMS? WordPress, Joomla and Drupal? Why BootDev use Drupal?

Building a powerful websites, there are three main options. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have established themselves as the leaders for content management systems.



  • Pros: If you think WordPress is not only for blogs. It can handle multiple authors, specialized content types, and pretty much anything a user would expect from a CMS. WordPress is legendary for being easy to learn and use. It’s also got a sweet user interface. If your needs are straightforward, WordPress could easily be the best choice.
  • Cons: If you’re planning to customize your site heavily, Drupal is probably a better choice. The core WordPress program needs to be updated fairly frequently and often break your existing plugins, and thus your site. In Drupal, on the other hand, it’s a major priority that core updates shouldn’t break anything. Drupal is designed to be extended with tons of modules.


  • Pros: Joomla’s admin interface is powerful but also user-friendly. The site will basically be a lot of articles, and Joomla could work for you of many features.
  • Cons: The disadvantage of Joomla is that it’s in the middle of the spectrum. WordPress is at the “user-friendly / looks pretty / basic tasks are easy” end. Drupal is at the “incredibly customizable / developers love it / slight learning curve for mere mortals” end.


  • Pros: Drupal can do almost anything. Seriously. Drupal was designed to get new features using tons of little modules. Many of these modules are maintained by professional developers for large clients, but you still get them for free.
  • Cons: If you’re not a developer, Drupal has a reputation for being difficult. it’s not quite as easy as WordPress.If you know you want a complex site, go with Drupal, even if it means hiring a developer.


Why BootDev use Drupal? One of reason is make the powerful web develop become easily and simple. If you go with Drupal, hard to hire developer is a big problem. BootDev help all Drupal website development to clear the difficulties. Use BootDev and enjoy the powerful CMS.

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