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BootDev knows website development is a very complicated, and also understand the market is hard to hire good backend developers. So we are committed to design and develop a Web backend as a server, and use of the experience on Drupal to deploy the website backend to AWS account. Customers only need to focus on the fronted development and we provide them with a better and efficient website development environment.

What is Backend as a Service

Backend as a Service provides developers to link their applications to backend cloud service. Including features such as content management, database, server architecture. These services are provided through customised SDK and API. BootDev will take care all of Backend problem in the website development. Our solution is deploy a best practice architecture in client’s cloud service account.

Our Solution: Drupal + AWS

BootDev is installed on AWS with best practice, deploy the whole architecture to your AWS account. We also maintain DruCloud distribution in Drupal community. We reinvent website development by separate frontend and backend. BootDev will take care the backend, architecture, performance, security. Our clients only need to take care the frontend and web design.


BootDev Features

BootDev provides some website Backend features likes S3   integration, ready for CDN, SOLR search, Google Map  integration, Email SMTP support, Spam Email control etc. Take  a example, once you upload an image to CDN, your image will  be available in the whole AWS cloud network in the world.


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