AWS Market share, Strategy of Cloud services on Startups

Cloud Computing market is growth up obviously in 2014 . New Q3 data from Synergy Research Group shows that Microsoft clearly has the highest growth rate among the leading cloud infrastructure service operators, while Amazon (AWS) remains the dominant cloud service provider. [1]


For those large of cloud service providers are all targeting startups recently, and they have lots of planning for help startups. The new battle on the market is started. By the way, it is a great news for startups to build their business.


  • AWS Activate Project: Self-Starter Package year free trial AWS cloud resources, Portfolio Package offers a USD1000-15,000 free credit.
  • Physical space AWS Pop-up Loft.
  • Link Startup Weekend and global accelerator.


  • Launched BizSpark Program: USD150 per month for three consecutive years free to use Azure, free to use Microsoft tools Visual Studio, Office, MSDN subscription software.
  • BizSpark Plus: Up to USD60,000 a year free use of Azure.
  • Microsoft Accelerator: provide technical guidance and business mentor.


  • IBM Global Entrepreneur Program: USD120,000 free credit to access to the IBM cloud resources, including SoftLayer and Bluemix. 40 Global network of innovation centres provide technical guidance.
  • Establishment of a new incubator space in New York, founded Bluemix garage space in San Francisco.
  • SoftLayer Catalyst Startup Program: USD1000 per month free credit to access to the SoftLayer, technology partners to provide technical guidance, also link business accelerator.


  • Google Developers Startup Pack: USD20,000 free credit to use the cloud products. Google Maps service offers one year free of charges of JavaScript, streetscape and Static Maps API.
  • Startup Launch: three-stage startups to provide the necessary resources, App training course, the first to get new products Google API and SDK. Launchpad workshop held in the country.
  • Google for Entrepreneurs: six business campus, connecting business community.


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